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10 reasons DEUN opposes Asset Sales 

Electricity is an essential industry and Domestic Energy Users Network (DEUN) opposes any sale of electricity assets. See why here.

See Molly Melhuish in the Dominion Post on 1 April, 2011, ‘Why power firms shouldn’t be sold’. Or see original Op Ed for easier reading.

Why power prices are rising

To fatten SOE energy companies for privatisation

1 April, 2011

The Prime Minister thinks part-privatisation of SOE energy companies would not push power prices up. He says ownership doesn't matter.

For retail power prices the facts prove him wrong. Investor-owned companies now charge domestic consumers 2c to 4c a kilowatt-hour more than the state-owned companies.

FACT 1: Price rises since 1991 have been directly linked to either deregulation, or privatisation, or both.

FACT 2: The new Electricity Industry Act creates new pressures to hike domestic power prices even higher. It eliminates "fair" and "sustainable" from the objectives of the new regulator, the Electricity Authority (the EA).

Read more on why the Prime Minister is helping power prices to rise.


27 August, 2010

Meridian Energy says power prices are still too low. That’s a tough message for low-income householders with little choice in the matter. They cannot afford the $1500-$$2000 typically required as a contribution towards a Warm Homes/ Clean Heat retrofit. Instead they simply pay the rising power bills. Read Molly's blog post here.

Electricity move takes money out of your pocket and into the hands of the power companies.

6 May, 2010

We’ve been moved to make a media release on the impact of the Government’s electricity asset swap, which is set to cost domestic electricity consumers at least $89 each year.

Also, take a look at Molly Melhuish’s blog post on the subject.

New Zealand’s domestic power bills are too high.

High power bills are causing increasing energy poverty.

Domestic electricity prices are unfair: they are rising much faster than prices for commercial and industrial consumers.

DEUN’s Fair Electricity Campaign brings in depth information and well informed opinion to you, here on Issues. We welcome your support.

Visit Molly Melhuish's blog for up-to-date discussion on issues affecting electricity pricing. This week Molly looks at regulation - does it benefit consumers or investors?


Learn more about the Domestic Energy Users Nework here.

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