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Why power prices are rising and what to do about it

Market pricing of electricity began in 1991, and domestic power prices have risen faster than inflation, ever since. Prices will rise even faster under the Electricity Industry Act 2010, which creates new excuses for price hikes. It entrenches in law t Keep Reading



Meridian Energy, having doubled its net profit to $184 million, says power prices are still too low. (Dominion Post 25 August, page C1). They say prices will have to rise to meet long-run energy costs. Keep Reading


Electricity move takes money out of your pocket

DEUN considers that Government’s recent policy decisions will lead to higher, not lower, prices to consumers. Keep Reading


Price rises blamed on trivia: truth about policies

Meridian Energy, in its prospectus on renewable energy shares warns that Government's recent decisions will make power prices rise. It quotes "a mandatory floor on spot prices during conservation campaigns." This is a complete red herring. Keep Reading


Auckland Blackout - NOT a Third-World Power System

Monday's power cuts affected almost a tenth of Vector's customers. Some customers from the Waikato to Northland were affected, as well as those in Auckland. Auckland Mayor John Banks has described the region's power supply as 'third-world', but a more accurate description is 'could do better'. One lines company, Orion, is doing a good deal bette Keep Reading

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